Posted by: EMS | 12 August 2010

Worry Dolls

I don’t know what normal people worry about before they deploy.  Safety, maybe.  How to manage the household while they’re gone.  If they’re going to make a difference.  These things are hugely important.  But you really have no control over them.  I prefer to fret over the smaller bits of minutiae:

— What will this haircut look like in three months?

— How much winter weather gear do I need this time?

— Has General Petraeus managed to make the ISAF chow hall suck less?

— Will there be a Birthday Ball in Nov?  Do I need to bring a dress?

      — Don’t forget the heels.

— Where did I put my plate carrier and chest rack?

You know, only the important things…


  1. If you lose your chest rack, you have bigger problems.

  2. Wait, formal ball? Details, please…

  3. I mean, I don’t know! The Embassy hosts other formal events…Embassies usually host the overseas Birthday Balls. But I’m guessing most Marines aren’t traveling with their Mess Dress in their seabags.

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