Posted by: EMS | 30 August 2010

War is Hell

I got a massage on-post at ISAF today.  I’m not proud of this.  (In fairness, my aforementioned headache was still lingering, combined with a brewing sinus malady.  I was miserable from the shoulders up.)

But still.

I sort of can’t believe we can get massages less than a 100 yards from GEN Petraeus’ office at ISAF headquarters.  There are a number of creature comforts at the Milano — the (MWR) coffee shop.   You can get coffee (or as I call it, a “latte”), food that sucks less but costs a lot more than the chow hall, movies, haircuts, pedicures, and massages.  All of these things will resemble things you’ve seen before, but are somewhat off.  (For example, you can get your nails done, but not with “I’m not really a waitress” polish.  I mean, what’s the point?) 

This is partially a function of the diverse Milano staff:  Filipino’s running the cafe and the least charming former-Soviet women you’ve ever met at the “Green Spa.”  Trust me when I say you really want to exhaust all your other options before going there for a bikini wax.

But the massages?  Surprisingly good (and right for the price).  Headache has subsided, but sinuses remain in open revolt.

PS I forgot to mention the awesome spa-muzak — (f)lute and all — playing today.  I heard:  Tonight (West Side Story), Over the Rainbow (Brother Iz reggae version [the only reggae song I can stand]), I Will Always Love You (hard to ID Whitney vs Dolly), and the main theme to Out of Africa (which I’m pulling of iTunes now).  Only compounds the surreal.


  1. time to come home

  2. Did you write, “Brother Iz REGGAE version?? (emphasis added)”

    Oh, for shame . . .

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